2019-20 Panini Impeccable Soccer Hobby Box

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Each Box contains Four Autographs, One additional Autograph or Memorabilia Card, One Base Card, One Base Parallel, and One Insert!

For the first time, collect the stars of the Premier League in Impeccable! The highly revered brand makes its debut in soccer, showcasing premium cards and on-card autographs!

All 20 Premier League clubs are represented in Impeccable! Celebrate players from past and present across 15 unique autograph inserts!

On average, each box delivers at least 4 autographs!

Look for ultra-rare inserts that feature a slab of silver or gold!

Find Stainless Stars and Rookie Metal inserts printed on stunning steel! Be on the hunt for rare autographed versions #'d/25!


BASE: Find a 100-card base set that showcases stars of the Premier League!

- Silver #'d/35
- Gold #'d/20
- Emerald #'d/5
- Platinum #'d/1
- Printing Plates #'d/1

STAINLESS STARS SIGNATURES: Every box of Impeccable delivers 1 insert, on average. Look for Stainless Stars, a special set printed on steel! Be on the lookout for rare autographed versions #'d/25!

ROOKIE METAL: Find 25 top up-and-coming players in Rookie Metal!

IMPECCABLE JERSEY NUMBER AUTOGRAPHS: Look for the iconic Jersey Number autographs insert, featuring a stunning die-cut window! Each card is numbered to the player's jersey number!

ELEGANCE ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Find Patch Autographs of top young superstars such as Mason Mount in Elegance Rookie Patch Autographs!

- Silver #'d/25
- Gold #'d/10
- Emerald #'d/5
- Platinum #'d/1

IMPECCABLE CLUB HISTORY AUTOGRAPHS: Every club in the Premier League has a history book filled with years of memories. This unique autograph insert showcases the club's nickname and is numbered to its year of inception!

IMPECCABLE CHAMPION SIGNATURES: Be on the hunt for Impeccable Champion Signatures, a short-print autograph insert dedicated to superstars that hoisted the championship trophy. All autographs in this insert are #'d/10!

IMPECCABLE TRIO SIGNATURES: Look for stunning triple-autograph cards that showcase three players from some of the most-storied clubs in the Premier League! Each Trio Signatures card is #'d/10!

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS: Look for the first autographs of some of the brightest budding superstars in the Premier League in Rookie Autographs!

- Silver #'d/25
- Gold #'d/10
- Emerald #'d/5
- Platinum #'d/1

ALL-TIME LEGENDS: Celebrate some of the biggest superstars in Premier League history with the All-Time Legends insert! More than 15 legends of the game are on display in this autograph set.

PREMIER LEAGUE LOGO: Be on the hunt for special inserts that feature a slab of precious metal engraved with the Premier League logo!

PATCHES: Look for inserts that feature jumbo memorabilia swatches of players across the Premier League!


1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack