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After being re-introduced to the hobby via Issac John (Ice Project) my passion for collectables from my younger days, specifically sports cards came rushing back faster than ever. The entire landscape had changed and more obviously basketball had become a massive global sport. Meeting Jamie was one of the best things to ever happen in regards to the expansion of Blunt Collections into New Zealand. His love for the community he had built and his genuine care for the industry, helping people like me get back into the swing of the hobby was the start of our journey together as not only potential business partners but as good mates. This re-ignited passion from Jamie’s love for the industry also led to another friendship being built around the hobby. Myself and Bronson have now joined together to bring what will be a game changer in the collectables industry for New Zealand in hope to build up the hobby here in the land of the long white cloud. Blunt Collections New Zealand aims to fulfil all your collectable needs whilst being affordable and caring for our customers. Specialising in sports cards we are the first ever cross-tasman collaboration within the collectables industry. Start your favourite new hobby now! Your one-stop shop for all your collector card needs from singles, boxes & accessories to merchandise, apparel and community engagement. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. @bluntcollectionsnz

Viggo Rasmussen, Blunt Collections